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JKM Credit Services LLC - Legal Network of Collection Attorneys - Massachusetts

JKM Credit Services LLC is a national collection agency that provides debt collection services in the State of Massachusetts. To assist our collection efforts, we have created a national "Legal Network of Collection Attorneys" for all of the states that we collect in, including the State of Massachusetts.

By providing access to Massachusetts based litigation services and legal support for those clients who wish to utilize legal action to prompt their Massachusetts debtor to pay, JKM Credit Services LLC provides a full array of collection services and resources to enhance the collection of any account placed with our agency.

The collection attorneys that we have handpicked since we were established in 1988 are aggressive and dependable, and as a collection provider, we count on them when it is necessary to do so. 

Not all accounts are collectable as everyone knows. Sometimes it is evident in the collection process, especially with difficult accounts, that we need to call in a professional collection attorney to get the results that we need for our client. There are naturally some clients who are reluctant to litigate their accounts receivable and we have come to find out over the years that it should be decided on a case by case basis. If we feel that a collection attorney could help bring your Massachusetts debtor to the table, then we will advise you of such.

Having a Massachusetts collection attorney on our side, when we need to use their legal services, is an important factor in helping us to successfully represent our clients in collecting the debts we have been entrusted with. Our clients appreciate the extra effort that we have taken to help ensure that every avenue will be explored to collect their debts.

So, if you have debts to be collected in Massachusetts, be rest assured that we have the collection tools to get the job done right. We have a good relationship with each and every collection attorney we use in Massachusetts and those that we utilize throughout the nation. Sometimes, when all of our collection efforts have been exhausted and there is nothing else that we can do to induce the debtor to pay, we rely on a top notch collection attorney to help us achieve the high standard of results that we hold ourselves to. We are thankful to have the collection attorneys in Massachusetts and elsewhere on our side when the situation calls for one.


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